Candidate Case Studies and Testimonials

Academics gave me a chance when other Recruitment Companies didn´t even reply. I talked to them on the telephone and the following day I was invited in for registration. Within a week I had my first interview and I got the job on a supply basis initially at Arnhem Wharf Primary school with a very nice comment from the Deputy Head teacher-"Academics always send us excellent people". Seven months later a permanent job came up in the school and now I´m on a full time contract feeling very grateful for all the help and support I had from Academics

Tatiana - Primary Teaching Assistant. Tower Hamlets

I recently returned from South Korea where I was teaching English as a foreign language. On returning to the UK I decided that I wanted to become a teacher.

I found that it was a very competitive area and that my experience of teaching abroad was not enough to get me onto a School Direct Programme or a PGCE. Therefore, I decided to look for a Teaching Assistant job to increase my knowledge of teaching in the UK.

I came across Academics through my search and after my meeting I was quickly placed in a Lambeth Secondary School.

I am now starting my second term and I love every minute of it. The school I am at is very supportive and is a fantastic place to work. I have applied to do my PGCE and will hopefully start next year.

At my school I am currently working with the year 9's. I work with a particular class and go to every lesson with them. They all have different learning and emotional needs and I help them throughout their school day, whether it be with their spelling, reading, writing, numeracy, or just being there to say well done.

I also taking extra curriculum sessions with the key stage 3 boys, where I run a rugby training session every week and take teams to competitions (which we have been quite successful).

It is a great opportunity to get some real classroom experience which will give you a huge amount of credit when it comes to applying for your School Direct/PGCE in the future.

I highly recommend working with Academics if you want to get your teaching career up and running.

Kieran - Secondary Learning Support Assistant - Lambeth

Having graduated from a red brick university with a 2:1 in Humanities, I wanted a job with a difference - something which challenged and inspired me, where every day was different. It may sound as if I've plagiarized buzz words from a PGCE handbook, but working in a school is precisely that: challenging, inspiring and varied. Having joined a number of spectacularly unhelpful agencies and been refused from many others because of my complete lack of experience, I finally registered with Academics. They were helpful, efficient and sympathetic, listening to my requirements and coming up with an action plan. Within weeks of my CRB being processed I went in for an interview and was offered a job as a TA in a year two class. The school I'm working in is fantastic: supportive, friendly and with excellent systems and values. I've never enjoyed a job more and have applied for PGCEs next year. If you are over-educated, under-experienced and over-enthusiastic I would definitely recommend Academics.

Rachel - Primary Teaching Assistant - Brent

Applicant Testimonials

Katie - Primary Teacher - Leeds
After speaking with lots of other local supply agencies about beginning work with them, Alison has the kindness and support that actually makes you feel like you can do it! She is very sensitive to ...
Amy - NQT - Leeds
“I decided to begin working with an agency after being unable to secure a job within the Covid-19 climate. Alison contacted me in early September and was keen to meet with me and find about my ...
Ryan - Science Technician - London
Academics is an agency that cares about its employees. I interacted with different members of their team, and was treated with nothing but respect from the onset. They are professional, approachable ...
Amy - Quantum Scholars Teacher - Buckinghamshire
I decided to move to England to help gain some experience teaching abroad. Quantum Scholars was one of the first programs to get in contact with me, and having their help along the way helped make ...
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