Academics Advance: Clients

What is Academics Advance?

Academics Advance is a teacher training programme that offers schools the chance to recruit candidates who are embarking on a journey to become fully qualified teachers.

Potential teachers start in school as teaching assistants and work their way up to being qualified teachers through a variety of in-school experience and distance learning.

The course, and the final QTS assessment, are both fully funded by Academics. The programme typically takes 6 school terms and is fully supported with online materials as well as a school mentor.

Want to find out more?

Send us your contact details using the form in the side bar, and one of our consultants will call you to discuss the programme further and answer any other questions you may have.


What if we feel the candidate is no longer suitable for our school?
There is a 1 term ‘getting to know you period’ during which the candidate works in your school as a Teaching Assistant. This gives them the chance to get to know the school, pupils and colleagues. It gives you the chance to assess their suitability for the programme.

How much does it cost?
The school is charged a supplement on the standard daily rate for a Teaching Assistant. This will be £7.50 or lower. All other costs, including the assessment fee to the University of Derby, are covered by Academics.

Who does the online training & distance learning?
All of the online training has been created by our training partner, Guide Education. In association with Academics, Guide Education has developed an online video learning platform that allows for the personalisation of student learning, teacher training, mentoring and CPD, and culminates in QTS assessment after two years.

Who interviews the candidates?
Academics and the SLT at your school. Initially, all candidates are interviewed by one of our Academics Advance Consultants, with questions that have been designed by an Executive Head Teacher. Only candidates who pass this stage will be given the opportunity to interview with your school.

What is Assessment Only QTS?
If you have a degree and experience of working in a school, you can achieve Qualified Teacher Status without having to do any further training. Assessment Only allows you to demonstrate that you already meet all of the standards for QTS.

Can we take candidates on as a full-time Teacher at the end of the programme?
Yes. If you have a teaching post available, you can take the candidate on without any additional fees payable to Academics.

Applicant Testimonials

Katie - Primary Teacher - Leeds
After speaking with lots of other local supply agencies about beginning work with them, Alison has the kindness and support that actually makes you feel like you can do it! She is very sensitive to ...
Amy - NQT - Leeds
“I decided to begin working with an agency after being unable to secure a job within the Covid-19 climate. Alison contacted me in early September and was keen to meet with me and find about my ...
Ryan - Science Technician - London
Academics is an agency that cares about its employees. I interacted with different members of their team, and was treated with nothing but respect from the onset. They are professional, approachable ...
Amy - Quantum Scholars Teacher - Buckinghamshire
I decided to move to England to help gain some experience teaching abroad. Quantum Scholars was one of the first programs to get in contact with me, and having their help along the way helped make ...
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