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www.myNQTyear.com is the only website dedicated exclusively to the recruitment of newly qualified teachers for teaching positions across the country.

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Academics Blog

How Teachers Can Inspire Dyslexic Students

School can be tough for children with learning disabilities. Those who suffer from dyslexia often feel like they’re falling behind from a young age, and without the right support many never recover. As a soc ........

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How to Spot the Signs of Dyslexia in Your Students

Being able to identify children who are struggling, and finding ways to help them is a big part of being a teacher. Dyslexia can have a profoundly negative impact on a student’s academic performance and late ........

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Ten Facts & Statistics About Dyslexia

One in ten people are dyslexic. That means in any UK classroom, there are probably three people who face learning challenges. Being a great primary or

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